Will a snorkel fit my vehicle with a different engine.


I have had many enquiries where people have changed their original engine in their vehicle and ask will a snorkel still fit?
For example:
Hilux SFA with a Ford 3LT V6 engine
Hilux SFA with a 7MGE (3LT Cressida / Supra) engine
Hilux SFA with a 2.7i Hilux engine.
My 1st question I ask is if the air intake box in the original position?
If the answer is:
1)      YES – the snorkel will fit and work for your vehicle!
2)      NO – the airbox is in a different position! Then the snorkel will fit but you will have to customise the engine bay piping to reach the new position of the air intake.
This does not take into account fitting a much larger engine like with turbo’s  for example. Yes the snorkel will fit as the snorkel is designed to fit the shape of the fender and windscreen post. Also the connection goes through the fender in the correct position BUT if you require a much bigger airflow to your engine then the engine bay pipes could collapse and suck closed, that is why most of the Turbo Diesel engines require a metal insert that you place inside the pipe to avoid pipe collapse which will result in air starvation and engine stalling.
I have heard of some interesting DIY’s eg: placing a plumbing PVC straight connector inside the pipe which stiffens it and keeps it open under suction.


If you do not find a snorkel for your vehicle, contact me still as we have done a number of experiments by fitting other vehicle snorkels with great success such as a Hilux snorkel on a Ford Courier and Hilux Vigo snorkel on a Ford Ranger 4Lt (1st shape)